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Account Hijacking &
Identity Theft

With Cyber-Attacks very much in the news, it’s a good time to remind your customers that you are fully committed to maintaining the safety and security of their account information…and can arm them with tested prevention techniques of their own.

Don’t Get Phished


Alert your customers to one of the most dangerous recent scams.
Phishing works by stealing your bank’s “look and feel,” and duping customers into giving thieves confidential financial details like account and credit card numbers.

Avoid costly losses and protect your customers from Phishing today with this brochure.

Financial Fraud Update: Card Skimming


Skimming is Back With a Vengeance…and your customers need to know about the danger…and about ways to protect their personal and financial security.

Fake Check Scams

This brochure helps customers identify:
  • How they can fall victim to a Fake Check Scam
  • How to recognize such a scam when they see it
  • How to avoid becoming a victim
  • What to do if you get stung.

Schemes, Scams & Frauds


Developed in cooperation with the Federal Trade Commission.

Financial fraud costs banks millions annually and erodes customer confidence in your bank’s technology.

Let customers know your bank is aware of the seriousness of these threats...and is taking appropriate measures to help customers protect themselves from identity theft and account hijacking!

Tools to Prevent
Identity Theft

Cases of identity theft are increasing at almost twice the rate originally forecast! This updated brochure now covers FACT Act protections and free credit reports.

Offers ten specific actions consumers can take to help your bank provide maximum security for their assets and your good name.

Texts, Pop-ups & Downloads


“Fraud Alert: Texts, Pop-ups & Downloads” highlights the nature of these high-tech crimes…describes how consumers are tricked into taking the bait, and importantly, educates consumers about what to watch for and what to avoid.



Educate your customers about the nature of cyber attacks...and the security measures your bank is taking to protect their accounts. And how they can take common sense security steps that protect their personal information from cyber fraud. This security partnership between your bank and its customers starts with educated customers.

Cyber-Crime Impact on Identity Theft & Account Fraud


"Fraud Alert: Cyber-Crime Impact on Identity Theft & Account Fraud” explains the risks your customers face, informs them about the fraudsters methods. Included are safeguards from the experts to fight identity theft and account fraud, prevent tax scams and obtain Free Credit Report information.

Financial Fraud Update: Impostor Scams


Customers are being targeted through telephone calls, text messages and emails at a much greater frequency and focus than ever before by criminals that impersonate personnel from legitimate businesses and government agencies.

“Financial Fraud Update: Impostor Scams” explains in easy to understand language:
• how scams work
• what the scammers need
• how the scammers can be stopped

Financial Fraud Update: Account Security


Integrated Security is a Good Solution to Cyber-Crime.

This Fraud Alert provides an update on today's current cyber threats, especially the role of data breaches. The brochure gives customers tips on self-protection.

Financial Fraud Update: Prevention & Protections

“Financial Fraud Update: Prevention & Protections” educates your customers about the importance of multi-factor authentication, password protection, and Wi-Fi networks.

IRS Direct

Working with your financial institution, the IRS will electronically transmit your tax refund using direct deposit. Eighty-seven million taxpayers already take advantage of this service because it is the most secure.