Free Credit Freezes & Fraud Alerts

“Free Credit Freezes & Fraud Alerts” educates your customers about steps that they can take to restrict access to their credit files that includes:
  • credit freeze and fraud alert definitions
  • what is protected and the time limits
  • contact information for the major credit bureaus
  • security takeaways and more

Cyber-Security Update on Smart Cards & Chip Technology


Smart Card technology promises to make credit and debit card transaction safer than ever. They are part of your bank’s continuing financial commitment to your customers’ financial safety and security. And your customers want facts about why they have them and how to use them.

Direct Deposit

"Direct Deposit” provides your customers seven ways they can benefit from this key bank offering, from payroll to direct deposit of stock dividends.

It conveys key messages on safety and convenience, plus an at-a-glance matrix showing how direct deposit beats paper checks for timeliness, efficiency, safety and security.

Emergency Preparedness

Describes how banks will protect and recover electronic data, ensure cash availability, continue customer service and be up-and-running after a disaster scenario. Also, advises customers about protective measures to:
  • Ensure access to cash, valuables and important documents
  • Safeguard critical papers and identification
  • Initiate preventative actions now, such as Direct Deposit.

Free Annual Credit Reports

Cuts through the confusion surrounding this important consumer topic. No hard sell…no misleading information…no unnecessary data. Just the facts your customers need to get their free credit report.

It’s the simple facts your customers want— one your bank can deliver to them with this timely brochure!

Your Good Credit

Establishing and maintaining good credit is critical for consumers...helping customers understand how is good business for banks. This brochure is the most concise summary of the key facts your customers must know, including information about credit, credit reports, credit scores and FACT Act protections.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is growing rapidly….but how many of your customers really know what mobile banking is? Or how it works? Or, most importantly, what the risks are and how they can protect their personal information effectively? Perhaps they are waiting for more information before taking the plunge. Let them know the facts!

Credit Card & Debit Card Safety

Reviewed by the Federal Trade Commission, this brochure informs your customers to all the changes to credit and debit cards. Warns customers about fraudulent use and personal protection tips.