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Bank Secrecy Act: The Rules for New Account Opening & Beneficial Ownership

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Treasury issued a final rule applicable on May 11, 2018 for new account openings. Financial institutions are required to identify and verify beneficial ownership for legal entity customers when opening new accounts.

The BankStuffers brochure, “The Rules for New Account Opening & Beneficial Ownership” explains in straight forward language to your business customers what is required of them to open a new account.

Online Banking Authentication & Layered Security

“Online Banking Authentication & Layered Security,” includes an explanation of multi-factor authentication, the value of layered security, the threat assessment process by financial institutions, the need for advanced controls and possible additional verification procedures. Also included are consumer protections under federal law and security measures customers can take.

Check 21:
Safe Harbor Disclosure

Contains the "Safe Harbor" model language approved by the Federal Reserve Board for use in Check 21 disclosures to customers.

Imprinting of bank information in accordance with Federal guidelines is available for this brochure!

USA Patriot Act

Use your USA Patriot Act customer notification requirement as an opportunity to:
  • Educate customers about the law’s requirements
  • Enlist their aid in the fight against terrorism
  • Show them how it protects them against Identity Theft.

Key message: Customer-bank cooperation can help in the nation’s fight against terrorism!